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Rookie Rod 2015 Fixtures

Below are the Rookie Rod fixtures for this year. All fixtures are subject to change so you should always check on the Spedeworth website for any updates and for start times or you can click here.

For full listings for other formulas please visit the Spedeworth site here.


11th January 2015 - 5.30pm - Wimbledon - Bangers, Historic Stock Cars, Rookie Rods & Stock Rods


22nd February 2015 - 5.30pm - Wimbledon - 1300cc Stock Cars, Bangers, Rookie Rods & Superstox


15th March 2015 - 5.30pm - Wimbledon - Bangers, Junior Micra Stock Cars, Rookie Rods & Superstox


5th April 2015 - 5.30pm - Yarmouth - Bangers, Rookie Rods & Superstox

18th April 2015 - 6.45pm - Ipswich - National Bangers, Historic Stock Cars & Rookie Rods


3rd May 2015 - 5.30pm - Yarmouth - Bangers, Junior Micra Stock Cars, Lightning Rods & Rookie Rods

13th May 2015 - 7.30pm - Eastbourne - Bangers, Junior Rods & Rookie Rods

17th May 2015 - 1.00pm - Aldershot - Historic Stock Cars, Mascars, Rookie Rods & Ninja Karts

24th May 2015 - 5.30pm - Yarmouth - National Bangers, Rookie Rods & Superstox


3rd June 2015 - 7.30pm - Eastbourne - Bangers, Junior Bangers & Rookie Rods

21st June 2015 - 1.00pm - Aldershot - Bangers, 2.0 Hot Rods, Rookie Rods Southern Championship & Ninja Karts


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